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Is there scope for a new business in your local area? Free essay! Download now

Home > A Level > Business studies > Is there scope for a new business in your local area?

Is there scope for a new business in your local area?

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Is there scope for a new business in your local area?


Whilst investigating my surroundings, I am trying to evaluate and imagine my how my business would benefit in my local area. I have decided to bring my motorcycle company ‘Ricky’s Bikes’ because in my opinion, I think Cramlington lacks in this industry. I wish to open my business and hope for many customers to take an interest in my services. There aren’t many, if at all, any motorcycle shops so it also saves customers from travelling meaning they would prefer to look in my store and also I stock many products so I would be able to provide what my customers are looking for.
I am going to do this by…
By ‘my local area’ I mean…

Market Research – Questionnaire

I composed a questionnaire in order to see how the public would respond to a new motorcycle business opening in the local area. By doing this I was hoping to find where people lived to evaluate where to open my business, I wanted to know what interested them and to find out if how people would be attracted to new designs and competitive prices.
I conducted my questionnaire on the 1st October 2009 at 5pm. I asked 25 people in Cramlington (Manor Walks) interested in motorcycles as a hobby and 25 people in Newcastle (Northumberland Street) interested in motorcycles as a hobby.
My first question to everybody was whether they owned a motorbike. If they said yes, I carried on, if the said no, then I would ask other people until I got to the number of fifty.

1) What is your gender?
 Male
 Female
2) In what age group do you belong?
 17-25
 25-35
 35-50
 50+
3) In what area do you live?
 Cramlington
 Blyth
 Newcastle
 Morpeth
 Whitley Bay
4) In what group would you come under in terms of income?
 £10,000 to £20,000
 £20,000 to £30,000
 £30,000 to £40,000
 £40,000+

5) How do you spend your free time?
 With family
 Out on the road
 Trial biking
6) Do you use your bike for pleasure or as a form of transport?
 Pleasure
 Transport
 Both
7) What size motorcycles would you prefer?
 Small
 Large
8) Would you choose your ideal product by its colour and design?
 Yes
 No
9) What is your ideal price range?
 £300 to £700
 £700 to£1300
 £1300+
10) What size is your engine?
 50cc
 125cc
 250cc
 450cc+
11) How far do you travel in order to get your perfect bike?
 Up to 30 minutes away
 30 minutes to 1 hour
 1 hour to 2 hours
 2 hours +
12) Why are you interested in motorcycles as a hobby?

13) What extras would you like to see on a motorcycle?
14) What would be your ideal bike?
15) What new models would you like to be able to buy in your local
16) Would you be willing to pay more for better quality bikes?
 Yes
 No
17) Would you like to be able to get everything you need from one
local shop?
 Yes
 No
18) Would you like to be able to get your goods online?
 Yes
 No
19) Would you like your goods to be delivered to your door or picked
up from store?
 Delivered (with a small charge)
 Picked up from store
20) Do you have any other comments?

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