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impact of recession Free essay! Download now

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impact of recession

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 12226 | Submitted: 10-Dec-2012
Spelling accuracy: 99.1% | Number of pages: 28 | Filetype: Word .doc

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impact of recession essay previewimpact of recession essay previewimpact of recession essay preview


How UK prices have changed over years


Impact of recession on UK housing prices | UK Essays
The author wishes to take this opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable assistance and support of the author's Supervisor, without whose time, consideration, expertise and advice this present work would not have been possible.
The author further wishes to extend heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all members of the teaching staff; particular inspiration has been gained throughout what has been a challenging and fascinating course from the lecturers who have consistently delivered a wide variety of key concepts, analysis, data and argument that have provided an extremely valuable learning experience.
The support of my family has been sincerely appreciated, giving the author emotional support through a long and involved piece of work, the results of which are presented in this document.
Perhaps more light - heartedly the author also thanks both friends within and outside this educational institution for their time and occasionally humorous remarks, which has sometimes enabled the author to gain more perspective whilst wrestling with particular issues that have arisen during the context of the research, preparation and presentation of this Dissertation.
Colleagues at this excellent educational institution have also from time to time offered suggestions, which have provided the author with alternative approaches and argument to consider.
The author owes a great deal to the unselfish nature of the assistance provided by all those within this sector for their valuable co – operation.
Finally, the author wishes to thank all staff for running this institution so efficiently yet always in a pleasant, friendly and helpful manner.
The author will be conducting an in depth study of property prices in the housing market during the course of the recession, often referred to as the “credit crunch”. Furthermore the author will examine, during the course of this paper the possible explanatory hypotheses accounting for those changes that have occurred, if any did take place. Various influences will be examined in order to define and/or partially account for any changes to property prices during the course of the recessionary period of time.
Whilst correlations between variables may be established during the course of this paper, the author will argue that there is another mechanism that must be addressed in order to gain a satisfactory understanding of just how economic circumstances such as recessions may effect the property market of the United Kingdom.
This is a mechanism postulated by one of the world's most successful living investors, whose theory is, in this paper, adopted to explain market phenomenon of a different variety to those which it was originally used to interpret.
Choice of Research Project
The author, at this specific juncture will explain the reasons behind this choice of subject matter for this research paper; in order to do so a broad picture ...

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