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Human Resource Management Free essay! Download now

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Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management essay previewHuman Resource Management essay previewHuman Resource Management essay preview


An analysis on Human Resource recruitment and retention techniques


The key recruitment, selection and retention methods most widely used in the marketplace ?
(1) Internal Sourcing is the practice of advertising a new or recently vacated position within a business to existing employees. More businesses have come to use internal sourcing as a method to recruit employees upward or laterally within the company because little or no training is needed, and expenses that include advertising for a new employee and running background checks are spared.
(2) External Sourcing is a method of recruitment that conducts an employee candidate search through external recruitment tools, such as job boards, newspaper advertisements and trade publication announcements. This method favors bringing in job candidates that may or may not have direct experience in your small business' line of work; a candidate within a satellite field may offer a fresh, out-of-the-box perspective to the organization. External sourcing is also used when the open position is not able to be filled by a current employee because of the technicality or specialty of the position.
(3) Third-Party Sourcing involves using a placement agency or headhunter to find qualified job candidates. These third-party sources use various techniques and tools to find appropriate job applicants, such as extending offers of improved salary compensation and more flexible benefits packages.
(4) Interviewing/Pre-Selection: All business suggests that you should schedule interviews when you know you will have uninterrupted time to review the job candidate's resume and conduct an insightful interview. When conducting the interview, do not focus solely on the applicant's credentials or experience. Instead, present hypothetical scenarios to the candidate and ask how she would evaluate and solve the presented problems. Listen to her answers without interruption and take notes on key points.
(5) Candidate Selection: Using the interview notes you have taken, compare each interviewee with his resume and look to see if you have missed anything while reading his resume the first time. Make your candidate selection on the basis of how competently he answered your questions and what questions he asked during the interview. Interviewees who do not ask questions are either shy or uninterested in your business.
(6) Retaining Talented Employees: Retention incentives can range from bonuses to professional development. Succession planning can also play a role in your retention strategy. If your human resources department is constructing a succession plan, identify the most promising employees who show aptitude for climbing your organization's ladder. Salary increases are another retention strategy, although it's a difficult case to make when employee compensation is modified in ways that cannot be justified in case questions arise.

(b) The methods or tools the company should develop and use, including any potential advantages or disadvantages that may exist.
As we ...

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