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How personal can ethics get? Free essay! Download now

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How personal can ethics get?

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How personal can ethics get? essay previewHow personal can ethics get? essay previewHow personal can ethics get? essay preview




Corporate Culture
Ms. Valerie Young, a marketing manager with an international cosmetics and fragrance company, Wisson, with Chicago headquarters. Ms. Young was hired into this company as marketing manager of a fragrance team, because she has skills in organizational, financial, and marketing. Ms. Young’s team is responsible for developing different fragrances with a sensation of perfection for the department stores around the world. This could take months and is very labor intensive to complete one new fragrance.
Ethical Concepts and Dilemmas
Wisson had been experiencing some setbacks and had to reorganize and do some cost cutting. Doing so caused Ms. Young’s department to be downsized from 25 to 10 people. Even with the biggest part of the company suffering, Lionel Waters, her direct superior, choose to bring in a couple of his close friends as executives. Paying them salaries at the higher end of industry standards plus each was given 6 weeks paid vacation.
When Ms. Young first started out with Wisson’s company, her team worked with as many as eight different fragrance companies to create new fragrances. Later she started noticing that fewer and fewer companies were submitting test scents. Ms. Young wandered why Waters wasn’t working with other perfumers, while they were providing good test scents and doing good work with Wisson’s competitors. Ms. Young never questioned the decision just work as normal.
After about a year of working with Waters, Valerie figured out that Waters was getting kickbacks up to $35,000 a month from the top two preferred fragrance companies they had been working with. There was a company policy that clearly stated “personal payments, bribes or kickbacks to customers or suppliers or the receipt of kickbacks, bribes or personal payments by employees are absolutely prohibited. (Hellriegel & Slocum p. 564) Ms. Young discovery was very shocking, but she was hesitant to turn Waters’ in to upper management or human resources.
The Boss’ Ethical Behavior
Ethics has the ability to create a successful workplace for all employees with a powerful leader, but with a power hungry leader ethics are compromises to get ahead. This applies to Ms. Young’s boss, Mr. Water; Mr. Waters don’t uphold ethical principles the same as the organization does. Choosing what is right for the company and what is best for Mr. Waters, Water choose what is best for him and the situation he is in. With Mr. Water’s knowingly breaking the code of ethics, the company has by working only with fragrance companies offering him kickbacks. Kickbacks are prohibited with the company Waters is working for but it also limits the number of good trials that this company can get with the perfumers making the overall productivity lower.
There are many roles in team work with task-oriented role, ...

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