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Goal-Setting Theory Free essay! Download now

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Goal-Setting Theory

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Goal-Setting Theory.


There is no denying that goals can be a major source of work motivation because goals can lead to more effort; for example, if one typically produces 4 products an hour, and has the goal of producing 6, one may work more intensely than one would otherwise in order to reach the goal .As you know from your own experience, most of our behavior is directed toward specific goals. The more difficult the goals are, the higher the level of performance we gain.

Firstly, the process of setting goals is one of the most important motivational forces within organizations. In order to make the goals clear and specific, I will arrange a meeting for the new flight attendants and new customer service officers. They can share their goal with us freely and easily. It is because combining feedback with goal setting is the most effective way to improve the performance of individuals or groups .It also helps if workers are involved in setting the goal and if the reason behind the goal is explained.

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