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Global Country Study of Venezuela Free essay! Download now

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Global Country Study of Venezuela

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Global Country Study of Venezuela essay previewGlobal Country Study of Venezuela essay previewGlobal Country Study of Venezuela essay preview


A complete study of the politics and economy of Venezuela


Global Country Study

Country Selected: Venezuela
Political system
1. Type of Political system
Type: Federal Republic.
Independence: 5 July 1811.
Constitution: 15 December 1999.
The political system of Venezuela is a typical federal republic adopted and followed since the achievement of independence on July 5th 1811. Accordingly, the President is regarded as the head of the state and the present government and is elected for a term of 6 years. Here you will know about the constitutional set up of Venezuela, the tiers of government functioning and the parties - the three integral parts of the political system of Venezuela.
With the adoption of the country’s twenty-seventh constitution on December 15, 1999, Venezuela is a federal republic with a “participative democracy” type of government. The charter provides for direct popular election of the president every six years, with reelection to one consecutive term permissible. Under the new constitution, the traditional three powers of government—executive, legislative, and judicial—have been augmented with two new ones: Citizen Power and Electoral Power
National Assembly of Venezuela
The National Assembly is the legislative branch of the Venezuelan government. It is a unicameral body made up of a variable number of members, who are elected by "universal, direct, personal, and secret" vote partly by direct election in state-based voting districts, and partly on a state-based party-list proportional representation system. The number of seats is not constant, each state and the Capital district elect three representatives plus the result of dividing the state population by 1.1% of the total population of the country. Three seats are reserved for representatives of Venezuela's indigenous peoples and elected separately by all citizens, not just those with indigenous backgrounds. For the 2010-2015 periods the number of seats is 165.
1999 Constitution
President Hugo Chavez was first elected in December 1998 on a platform calling for a National Constituent Assembly to be convened to draft a new constitution for Venezuela. Chavez's argument was that the existing political system, under the earlier 1961 Constitution, had become isolated from the people. This won broad acceptance, particularly among Venezuela's poorest classes, who had seen a significant decline in their living standards over the previous decade and a half. The National Constituent Assembly (ANC), consisting of 131 elected individuals, convened in August 1999 to begin rewriting the constitution. In free elections, voters gave all but six seats to persons associated with the Chavez movement. The Venezuelan people approved the ANC's proposed constitution in a referendum on 15 December 1999. It was promulgated by the ANC and came into effect the following 20 December.
Political composition
The first election of ...

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