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Effective marketing in a competitive world Free essay! Download now

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Effective marketing in a competitive world

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Effective marketing in a competitive world essay previewEffective marketing in a competitive world essay previewEffective marketing in a competitive world essay preview


Effective marketing in a competitive world


4.3 Use of Web 2.0 technologies:

Web 2.0 comprises a wide range of applications and services from:

Social networking services, such as MySpace, Bebo and Facebook.

Photo-sharing sites, such as Flickr.

Social bookmarking sites, such as-, StumbleUpon and Digg; which enable users to tag articles according to their own criteria that others can then view and search.

4.4 Benefits:

There are many advantages of web 2.0 technologies as follows- flexibility, as far as the possibility of choosing technologies is concerned. Easier and faster access to information, when and where it is needed. Another powerful advantage of Web 2.0 is communication. Internet is one of the greatest communication medium in the world. Instead of getting information from once source, people can receive their information from multiple sources, and this will allow them to make better decision about the world around them.

Web 2.0 community and social networking sites are the best places to share people’s success stories, efficient knowledge worker collaboration, employee satisfaction, and client’s success. Web 2.0 communities are used for driving product feedback and targeting valuable marketing resources. By targeting or hiring bloggers, people can create and control their business’s image for the positive.

4.5 Drawbacks:

There are some disadvantages of Web 2.0 as well. The biggest disadvantage is that people who are aware of Web 2.0 technology prefers to drive the advantages of Web 2.0 without educating people. One of the biggest problems with Web 2.0 is dependency. Moreover, many web services are offered free and they are not well guarded, that is why; they are on target by hackers. Web 2.0 leads to a low quality of the actual content. It promotes amateurishness by invaluable contents generated by users. It gives everyone the opportunity to complain, thus creating a community without rules.

4.6 Application by British Airways:

BA is focused on improving its customer service in line with modern technology and has opened its first drive-through, offer Wireless LAN systems and communicate through modern SMS texting. From BA’s website it has been found that, BA is using following web 2.0 technologies-; British Airways online portal– is not only becoming more popular with customers, it is also helping them to drive down costs and increase revenues. Almost a third of all their bookings are now made on They introduced a new feature allowing customers to upgrade their booking at any time between buying a ticket and checking-in online. for mobile- A large number of their passengers now check-in online. For this reason, BA launched a popular new service, allowing customers to check-in or access real time arrivals and departures information through their mobiles.

Online travel guide- “Highlife-Travel experiences from expert” is one of the most informative online travel guide of British airways. It has a large numbers of news and blog from expertise.

High life shopping- BA’s online shopping site; passengers can shopping online in-flights.

High life Magazines BA’s in-flight online magazine ‘High Life’ provides details of the entertainment listings available to the passengers as well as provides informative travel articles and lifestyle features.

Google gadgets- It is the BA’s search engine. People can view the latest up-to-date information including offers, flight arrivals and departures. Passengers can book next trip and save flight preferences direct from their iGoogle home page.

i-phone- BA’s applications are available for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones to help customers manage their travel easily while they are on the move and also download mobile boarding passes, where available. BA’s updated iPhone app. also includes a view of upcoming bookings, ability to search arrival and departure information as well as access to BA’s mobile site and Twitter stream.

Facebook- It provides publicity; via facebook people can interact with each other, they can make comment about the service given by BA. It enables people to connect the main official BA web site. They can check flight time, booking tickets or any special offer or promotion given by British airways.

Twitter- Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated information. People can get daily update, offers, daily news, and timely messages of BA from Twitter.

YouTube - It plays an important role in getting BA’s message out to not only their customers but also for the media to use videos and over 205,000 views on YouTube and

5.1 Conclusion

The core concepts of marketing are needs and wants; products and services; value, satisfaction, and quality; exchange, transactions, relationships, and markets. In order to profitably satisfy customer needs, an organisation understands its external and internal situation including the customer, the market and its own capabilities. To effectively compete in today’s modern business world the organisations segment the markets; identify basis for segmenting the market, targeting market; select the target segments and positioning market; develop positioning for every segment. The companies can make a position in the customer’s mind by quality brand and effective branding strategy. Brand is a valuable intangible asset in marketing. Companies also use various web 2.0 technologies for better communication and better marketing.

6.1 Recommendations

Routes of service of British Airways in Asia are few, they should increase their routes in Asia; especially in South Asia.

They should give more emphasise on research and development activities to innovate new marketing movement.

They should enhance their corporate social responsibility performance to improve their marketing activities throughout the world.

They should always keep their eye on their major competitor’s marketing activities to cope up with them in the market.

It will be much better if they choose more attractive employees for operating their organisation; and in their organisation they can apply interactive marketing operation system for better marketing.

They should apply regular monitoring and feedback of marketing activities of their organisation.

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