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Disaster management Free essay! Download now

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Disaster management

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Disaster management essay previewDisaster management essay previewDisaster management essay preview


Disaster management is a process or strategy that is implemented when any type of catastrophic event takes place


Disaster (effecting global supply chain)
Part 1
Disasters strike with a sudden violence (Hodgkinson, 1991) Disaster management is a process or strategy that is implemented when any type of catastrophic event takes place. This process may be initiated when anything threatens to disrupt normal business operations or puts the lives of human beings at risk. Governments and private firms create some sort of disaster plan that make it possible to overcome the catastrophe and return to normal function as quickly as possible.Disasters management is a generic name which is an interdisciplinary field that deals with the strategic organizational processes to protect the assets, human life and also the business economy to recover from the hazards risks caused by natural or manmade disasters. Catastrophes do not only affect the human life at site where it happens or in a country, but also the entire supplies of the commodities coming inside the country and moving out of the country as, the whole transportation system get affected and so as the global supply chain. Global supply chain is more risky than the domestic supply chain due to the numerous links that are connected with the wide network of the firms that are outsourcing (Manuj&Mentzer, 2008). These links are prone to the disasters putting a disruption the supply of raw-material and also the finished goods and services, as well to the data integration technologies resulting a blocked in the information sharing. Our purpose of the study is to explore the phenomena of the risk related to the global supply chain and its partners. Secondly the strategies that can be implemented to overcome the risk from the disasters with preparedness plans and also applying the supply chain tools.
The global supply market is getting to more dynamic environment. South East Asian countries are sourcing for many of the western regions; China, India, and Japan are the leading sourcing countries. As per the natural disaster Japan is the most near to the disaster prone area and also the 3rd largest economy. For our study we have considered Japan as it is mostly affect by the disasters. In recent year Japan economy has encountered heavy losses due to various disasters occurring throughout the year. Cyclones, earthquake and tsunami are the major hazards that affect the GDP and the distribution channel for inbound and outbound supplies. As in appendix 1 it can be stated that Japan is the first among 89 counties affected by cyclone, again leading in earthquake and tsunami among 153 and 76 countries. As from appendix 2, the yellow triangles, that is the majority in the northern Japan on the map shows the maximum area which is prone to TSUNAMI. As per the statistics Japan ...

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