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Colgate Palmolive India Ltd Free essay! Download now

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Colgate Palmolive India Ltd

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Colgate Palmolive India Ltd essay previewColgate Palmolive India Ltd essay previewColgate Palmolive India Ltd essay preview


brief description of Colgate annual balance sheet


Colgate Palmolive India Ltd. is engaged in the Personal Care business which includes Oral Care. The Oral Care business continues to account for over 90 per cent of the Company’s sales turnover.Company continues to launch new products to consolidate and strengthen its market leadership.
Colgate had reported a 13.33 % increase on sales in 2005-06 as compared to last year.
The major reason could be the Oral Health Month campaigns that took place in October 2005 in partnership with Indian Dental Association which create oral health awareness and motivate people to adopt preventive self care habits to improve their oral health.
Which in turn increased their profit after tax by 24% (ie Rs. 140, 03 lacs)
The other expenses increased by 34% and the major contributors to this expenditure were
Power and Fuel
Freight and forwarding
Repair of plant and machinery
Advertising and sales promotion
Directors’ Fees

The expense on depreciation and amortization increased by 71% the reason is increased in fixed assets by 24%.
Rs in Lacs
Plant and machinery
Furniture and equipment

The company had increased its unsecured loan by 9% and Reserves and Surplus by 18%.
Company had developed clinically proven and highly efficacious toothpaste formulae, and also introduced 3 new innovative toothpastes Colgate Advanced Whitening, Colgate Active Salt and Colgate MaxFresh.
Further Colgate Active Salt and MaxFresh worked in the favour of Colgate as they registered a market share of two per cent within two months of its launch.
There is 27 % increase in working capital as compared to previous years.
But still the company have blocked huge amount in inventories.
Its debtors had decreased considerably as compared to previous years by almost 57 %.
They had given loan of Rs 1546.lacs to Inter-corporate deposits.
The company’s high share price had increased by 47 % from April 2005 to March 2006 in BSE.
Interim Dividend increased by 83%.

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