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CNN - the media outlet Free essay! Download now

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CNN - the media outlet

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CNN - the media outlet


Throughout history, CNN has covered some of the most heart wrenching stories that have touched our lives in many ways. For example, in the year of 1986 when the Space Challenger; which was a space shuttle that was sent into orbit to research outer space exploded, CNN was the only news coverage team that provided live and direct coverage. It was reported from CNN, that President Ronald Reagan delayed his State of the Union Address to the American people to administer his support for the victims. Consequently this provided tumult that encouraged the public to doubt the United Stated Space Program. Since the coverage of this story, there has been a rise in the number of viewers from all of the targeted markets. The target market of CNN incorporates the ages of 25-54 and people of diverse backgrounds (Schonfeld, 2001). In addition, in the year of 1991, during the era of the Gulf War, CNN was the first news company to report on the war directly from Baghdad (Schonfeld, 2001). This strategic action has set CNN ahead from its main competition, Fox News Channel. From the early period in the war till now there has been a term that has been brought about, it is called the CNN effect.

The CNN effect can best be described as a theory in media studies that serves as the development of CNN and the effect it has on government and politics in the mist of political variance (Robinson, 2002). It is said that mass media networks often change people’s perception on political and worldly views (Robinson, 2002). Such actions as these can and have influenced foreign policy with countries. It seems as a text book story, that when media networks such as CNN report on conflicts that they are to relate this information to the public in an objective view; but, due to the nature of some conflicts, true objectivity can often be strayed. This action can force recognized neutral administrations and representatives to select sides in a conflict. Political leaders are regularly required to construct public accounts before they can possibly know the tactical threats and benefits of statements in the current political era (Robinson, 2002). These political figures are required to appear well-informed to the community. The time taken to change policies and military proceedings rise as the leaders strive to appear successful and dynamic in the public’s eye (Robinson, 2002). In opinion, this possibly would be an excellent thing to those who aspire to see an open political procedure. Some of the hardest conflicts affected by the CNN effect were the events of the Asian tsunami which took place in 2004, the battle of Mogadishu, the decline of Communism in Eastern Europe, and Hurricane Katrina which took place in August of 2005 (Robinson, 2002).
CNN has presented an unbiased approach in relaying the 2008 election between John McCain and Barack Obama. CNN held a record number of debates for the Republican and Democratic primary. There was one such debate that allowed viewers to submit questions through the Internet for the candidates to address and answer (Seelye, 2007). CNN aired this debate in both English and Spanish (Seelye, 2007). When a network is able to incorporate more than one language in their programs, they are trying to promote the notion of diversity among people. Even though CNN successfully completed this task it still faced inspection from people in the blogosphere for maintaining control over which videos are shown, as opposed to showing the most-viewed or the top-rated by viewers (Seelye, 2007). This election was one of the most publicized elections due to the fact that CNN intentionally wanted everyone to know the “views” of each candidate. Even though CNN tends to have an objective view towards stories and conflicts; there were times that it seemed as if some anchors were “leaning” toward a specific candidate. However, on the day of November 4, 2008 CNN reported on the hour, every hour about the results. This was the first election that was shot in High Definition.
CNN first aired in 1080i High Definition in September 2007 (Unknown, 2007). The network has already begun the process of converting some of its current news segments. Some of the shows include Anderson Cooper 360, Your Money, D.L. Hughley Breaks the News, Lou Dobbs Tonight, and American Morning (Unknown, 2007). CNN has also produced documentaries that have been recorded in High Definition. Two such documentaries are the Planet in Peril in Peril and Black in America. When CNN must travel and need to produce shows in High Definition, they use a giant bus named the CNN election express vehicle. This vehicle is outfitted with a satellite that allows for high speed transmission, High Definition cameras and monitors, and even the everyday amenities (Unknown, 2007).

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