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Chilean Miners

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Chilean Miners essay previewChilean Miners essay previewChilean Miners essay preview


Communication and the Chilean Miners


30 Miners trapped/Communication


On August 5th, 2010 a copper mind located in Copiapˇ, Chile collapsed trapping 33 miners inside. It took over four months for the miners to be rescued and all of them survived. When an incident of this stature occurs there will be a lot of questions that needs to be answered by the person on persons at fault. In this case it seems the company, which employed the workers, would be at fault due to poor planning and weakened safety procedures. Regardless when something like this occurs the media is going to cover the story and the families are going to want answers. It is up to the company how they will provide those answers and a lot of research needs to go into how they will address the situation. Each group of people will need to be spoken to differently and different forms of communication will be needed for the families, the workers, the media, the public and the business they work with and sell to.

Since you will have to address different people about the incident it is important to plan out how you will communicate with those people. The families will be devastated and will be the first to want answers. The article mentions that the people of Chile did not have high hopes that the miners would be alive. However I suspect the families would be hoping every day that their loved ones would survive. When talking to the families of the miners I feel face to face would be the best form of communication. The families need this, because when you are face to face with someone it is more personable and you can generally connect better with them as opposed to email or a phone call.

When communicating with the other employees of the mining company I feel it would be best to go into every singe detail about the incident. The employees need to be trained; yet also reassured that the company will work hard to make sure this never happens again. The company should hold a meeting with all the shift managers or team leaders and let them pass on any information to the employees. I feel this way it will show that the company still trusts the management and the employees while still getting the information out. The goal here is to inform and educate while still giving the employees a peace of mind. The article also mentioned that they had similar incidents happen in the past, so they need to re-instill safety procedures with the employees as well. The media will want to interview employees so it is important to train them on what to say and ...

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