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Child Protection Acts Free essay! Download now

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Child Protection Acts

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Child Protection Acts essay previewChild Protection Acts essay previewChild Protection Acts essay preview


child protection act 1998


What were the advancements of information technology that resulted in new moral issues necessitating the creation of each act?

Children’s internet protection act, 2000
Congress achieve this act in 2000 to address the concern of harmful or obscene content,
when children access the internet. The new protection act enforced new requirements on libraries and schools that received discounted rates for internet access. A program that made it more affordable for libraries and schools are called the E- rate program.
The protection act requires libraries and schools to arrange to filter internet access to pictures that are harmful to minors, obscene and child pornography. Libraries and schools must hold a meeting or one public hearing to address this issue with a fair amount of notice. They may not receive the discounts offered by the E-Rate program unless they ensure they have measures with technology protection and safety policies. ( The act states” that there are two requirements, that they must monitor all activities of minors while online, they must furnish education on having complete awareness, and how to response to inappropriate behavior, interaction with others while on social networking sites, chat rooms and cyber bulling”. President Clinton signed this act in December of 2000 with the intentions to tone down crimes such as copywriter infringement, privacy, identity theft, and minors accessing pornography material. Computers being a vital part of children’s success in school today, the internet can expose them to online predators and inappropriate material. (The Federal Communication commission, 2008) states,” that congress passed the Protecting Children in the 21st century act and revised section 254(h)(5)(B) of the communication act of 1934 for secondary and elementary schools which applied for discounted services under the E-Rate program”. The advancement of technology has assisted these acts to ensure libraries and schools will continue to monitor minors and the access to inappropriate matters, including hacking or any activities that are unlawful or unauthorized by minors. They must continue to ensure that they are in compliance and not let authorized personal turn off blocking or filtering measures. Libraries and schools that are receiving telecommunication service only the CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act), does not apply.
Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, 1998
The COPPA, achieve by congress in October 1998 and came effective in April 2000 to address the concerns of collecting personal information from children under the age of 13. Not to be mistaken for the COPA (Child Online Protection Act), the COPPA designed for online services and website that operate for commercial purposes that direct kids 13 years old and under or have ...

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