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Are Leaders Born or Made

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Are Leaders Born or Made essay previewAre Leaders Born or Made essay previewAre Leaders Born or Made essay preview


Discussion on whether leaders are born with the qualities to lead successfully or if they can be taught the necessary skills in order to become a great leader


Are leaders born or made

We are to look at the question; Are leaders born or are they made? Many people believe that true leaders are born with the all of the qualities that make them successful later on in life. There are others who believe that those very same qualities can be taught and once learned developed into what is needed for a successful leader. For me, I would have to agree with the latter. Because I don’t believe researchers have uncovered a leadership gene that separates the good leaders from the bad. Much of the debate can be defined in the specific qualities needed for one to be a great leader, and I believe those qualities are ones that you are born with.
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (2010) defines Leading as “guiding and directing on a course” and as “serving as a channel.” This would support Afsaneh Navahandi’s beliefs that leadership is having an ability and desire to inspire and influence others. This is a particular quality that if you are born with may be helpful, but it’s not to say that it can’t be taught. I further do not support the argument that individuals, whose personality types are characterized as the classic introvert as opposed to the extrovert, would have poor leadership qualities. Harry Truman was an introvert, and he was a great leader, although his choices in floral print dresses were questionable.
So yes, I do believe that individuals can be taught to be leaders and beyond that, they can be taught and become great leaders. Human nature provides that we will adapt to a given situation in order to survive. Not as dramatic as being stranded on a deserted island filled with dinosaurs, but a leader who has been trained with all the necessary skills to lead will ultimately come to understand a culture and find a way to bring change to that culture to make it more successful. Nahavandi has written that “Leaders” are a necessity. They are needed to keep groups orderly and focused, they are needed to pull the individuals together, organize, and coordinate their efforts.  They are also needed to facilitate accomplishments as well as provide goals, direction and coordinate activities.  Leaders make sense of the world providing their groups with a perceptual check establishing a social reality assigning meaning to events and situations that may be ambiguous.  He further writes leadership is needed to fulfill our desire for mythical or romantic figures who represent us and symbolize our own and our cultures ideals and accomplishments. (Nahavandi, Afsaneh. 2009). I agree with what Nahavandi teaches, and agree that leaders are in fact a necessity, but ...

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