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Analysis the Microsoft Kin2 Free essay! Download now

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Analysis the Microsoft Kin2

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Analysis the Microsoft Kin2 essay previewAnalysis the Microsoft Kin2 essay previewAnalysis the Microsoft Kin2 essay preview


The essay is about the Marketing strategy. It uses the Microsoft Kin2 as an example to analysis its marketing strategy.


Microsoft KIN case study

Kin is a family of mobile phones from Microsoft that were sold through Verizon Wireless. After several years of development, Kin became part of the larger Windows Phone family. On April 12, 2010, Microsoft announced two Kin models, both available online on May 6?2010. The mobiles were due for release in Autumn of 2010 on Vodafone for Europe. But European plans were scrapped due to poor U.S sales. Since then, the two mobiles have ceased production. Microsoft KIN mobiles have been rumors that it will be IPhone’s killer. But at last, it got a sad ending after a perfect start.

SWOT Analysis
Sharing Experience ( Cloud Storage): Cloud storage allows Kin’s users sharing their experiences via the internet with the browser. And also it can automaticlly save data in a free online storage.
Good positioning for target customers: Men and women between the age of 15 and 30. Teenagers will be the major customers for Kin
Beautiful Interface: Beautiful interface could not improve the system of Kin, however it makes the system more complicated and lack of basic functions. For example, KIN does not support the installation of application software and expansion of storage.
Following-up Software: Following-up software was not created after the KIN came into the market. Thus the leading new system could not play a role.
Excessive pricing could not fit for target customers.
Finding the differentiations: A large number of mobile phones focused on the link of using which provid a broader opportunity for KIN to find the new market.
Low price: The price of KIN could be reduced for its target customer, including the price of products and the application program downloads.
Fierce competitors: IPhone and Android have a large part of consumers in smartphone market and the development of their systems are more perfect than KIN’s

Product positioning
Nowadays, mobile phone has become one of the everyday necessities, all the phone-consumers will list their corresponding expenditure in their budget. So the cost of every phone specifically, there should be the cost of the phone, the service charges, maintenance and function fees, Microsoft Kin has set up a quite spectacular plan for itself, nevertheless the phone market has been gathered by various competitors. Microsoft has its monopoly position in the field of software. Generally, Microsoft Kin has its own advantage because of the techniques come from Microsoft. In fact, the product positioning is ambiguous is one of the reasons which lead to the doom of itself. New media and new technologies earn groups of consumers to participate the groups of smart phone owners, by catching up with Apple. Microsoft Kin is not a proactive actor during the campaign of smart phone, let alone sharing the same ...

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