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Airline & Airport Operation Management Free essay! Download now

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Airline & Airport Operation Management

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As part of our assessment we were asked to prepare a report about how feasible is our niche services. As a group we were able to share the task among us without any difficulties. The report was based on the Business, key staff, our product, market for our product, the business financial information, an E-brochure and a website page.

Before we prepared this report a market research was carried out about fashion as it is our niche service. Based on the results that we had from the market research, we have prepared our business plan which you will later find in this report.

This assessment has developed our knowledge of understanding on how things work in the airline industry as future managers.


This report is written to our investor to give detailed information about our business concept based on relevant research work. The report begins with the introduction of key business concept which explains about the whole business idea and information of the business premises. This is followed by human resources issues such as the key staff of the project, their position and salary. A section has been dedicated to address issues on marketing strategies and competitor analysis. Finally a brief financial report to assess the operating budget is also included to test the feasibly of the product.

1.1 The business and the business premises

The name of the business: TRANS GLOBAL FASHION AIRLINE
(TG Fashion Airline)

Address: 15 ST. MARY’S ROAD, EALING, W5 5RA

Location: our office is located only a few minutes from Ealing Broadway and Thames College together with its associated amenities and is only a short drive from the M4 motorway.

We will charter our aircraft from our parent company because some of their aircrafts have been outfitted for our business purposes, as they also operate with business class configuration.

The business is a limited liability partnership (LPL) with the fashion designers.

As a charted Airline, we will transport customers who are interested in high street fashion and want to travel to meet the designers themselves and also purchases from them directly. The company will offer half price ticket if our customers travel with us for the fifth time.

We will start trading from the 1st December 2008 from Gatwick airport to Milan.

The Mission Statement and Our Aim.

To dress in fashion can be seen as being rich or showing your attitude and your way of life. Fashion has always been for the wealthy and it is still the same in our generation. More and more people like to be dressed in a fashionable way but they never get to see the designers themselves. This is why TG Fashion Airline has decided to give its customers the opportunity to travel to Italy to meet the world renowned designers and also have the advantage to purchase new release that are not yet in the market.

Our aim is that, we want our customers to have a good experience of this “niche” service and impress them that, we can do more than any other airline who fly to Italy can offer.

 Capital structure
 Own capital introduced (from parent company) £ 54209.48 (50% total)

 Loan from bank £ 54209.48 (50% total)
 Amount of capital

 Rates (£12.96 per each £1000 for 10 years) £ 10840.8 (per year)

1.1. Key Staff

This table will illustrate the number of employees within the TG Fashion Airline. We are in partnership with approximately 10 Italian designers.

Name, Age & Qualification Position
Date Joint Salary
Mabel APPIAH - 23 years

Airline & Airport
Management Degree

Project Manager
04/04/2008 £ 55,000
Faiza Mansouri - 24 years

BA Airline & Airport Management Degree
Project Developing

05/04/2008 £ 40,000
Kisztina Csaki - 32 years

BA Airline & Airport Management Degree

ICT Manager
05/04/2008 £ 40,000

John Kan - 22 years

BA Airline & Airport Management Degree
Human Resources
04/04/2008 £ 20,000

Jeff Lee - 33 years

BA Airline & Airport Degree
Accounting & Financial
04/04/2008 £ 42,000
Nahida Chowdhury – 24 years

HND Airline & Airport Management
06/04/2008 £ 35,000

We are having ad-hoc charter from our parent company Trans Global Airline where cabin crew, pilots, technical support and ground handling will be provided. Our plan is to make an ad-hoc charter from our parent company, whenever there is a demand to operate the flight to Milan. Please refer to (the appendix 1) regards to job description.

2 & 3. Product or service and the market place

TGA is a business class only charter airline, which operates with B737-300, outfitted for 62 passengers, with a 44’ seat pitch and 24’ seat width. Our aim is to provide a hassle free air travel to upmarket passengers, including 35 minutes check-in time, VIP security channels and lounge access facilities.

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