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a look inside dillards

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a look inside dillards essay previewa look inside dillards essay previewa look inside dillards essay preview


management strategies


A Look Inside Dillardís

Table of Contents

The Start of Dillardís p.2

Strengths p.3

Weakness p.4

Opportunities p.5

Threats p.6

Financial Status p.7

Marketing Aspects p.9

Managerial Aspects p. 9

Recommendations p. 10

Reference p. 12

The Start of Dillardís

The start of Dillardís department store dates back to 1938 where it opened its door to consumers. The department store was founded by William T. Dillard in Nashville, Arkansas and grew as the years went by. As Dillardís department store started to grow, it was only in selected locations, but the main headquarters was located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Dillardís locations were concentrated in Texas and Florida, but was also located in other areas such as Arizona, Iowa, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, North Carolina, Virginia, Idaho, South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Dillard's also maintains several locations in California, and Montana. Dillardís was able to maintain its location in those cities, but with the economy taking hits from unemployment and bad stocks, there has been decision to close stores to maintain the companyís ground in the industry.
Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the company became a strong regional retailer, developing its strategy of buying well-established downtown stores in small cities. During the early 1960s the company began computerizing operations to streamline inventory and information management. In 1970 Dillard's added computerized cash registers, which gave management hourly sales figures and was more efficient.
With different ideas and tactics, Dillardís was able to undergo changes within the company to sustain its position amongst other department stores. Here is a closer look inside the operation of Dillardís and several focus areas that made Dillardís as a force in the department store industry.


Dillardís was able to maintain its success by focusing on strengths that made it stand out from other department stores. By having many stores located throughout the United States, it focused on products and brand name merchandise. From that idea, Dillardís became one of the leading fashion apparel retailers in the U.S and has strong brand equity. Those brands includes Burberry, Chanel, Clinique, Coach, DKNY, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Jones New York, Levi's, and Ralph Lauren. With all those high-end brands, the company was able to gain more money from sales, but they also had brands that werenít as high priced too.
Another strength that Dillardís possessed was the company was able to have over 300 large networks of stores that were located in Southwest, Southeast, and Midwest regions in the U.S. The more area that Dillardís was able to acquire, they were able build a department store that made it easy for consumer to shop. Being able to have multiple stores in certain regions helped drive sales and easy to get introduce new products to consumers. Dillardís usually tried to focus their products ...

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