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The Strength of Plant fibres Free essay! Download now

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The Strength of Plant fibres

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Experiment on whether the plant fibres or manufactured fibres are stronger


The strength of plant fibres
The aim of this investigation is to extract fibres from a plant leaf and investigate their strength against commercially manufactured fibres.
Background: Fibres have been extracted from plant parts i.e. stem, leaves for centuries to commercially manufacture a wide range of textile and paper.
Method: Using a scalpel, scrap away the outer layer of the leaf by gently rubbing the top layer with the scalpel. Then gently pull fibres away from the plant leaf.
Measure a length of a fibre using ruler
Tie a fibre on a hook and hang it on a clamp. Then pull it using weights. Continue adding weights until the fibre rips.
Repeat the experiment using commercial fibres.
Amount of weights in g
1st try
2nd try
3rd try
Plant Fibre
Manufactured fibre

These results show that plant fibres are weaker than manufactured fibres. Even though plant fibres are made of cellulose and cross linked fibres, it was weaker than manufactures fibres. The manufactured fibres are well stronger than plant fibres as it can take up more weights. Its a surprise that the plant fibres managed to hold that much weight because I thought it would be weaker. So the plant fibres were quite strong as it has not been treated chemically to make them stronger. The manufactured fibres will obviously be stronger because the plant fibres were chemically treated.
Errors: It was difficult to ...

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