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The antimicrobial properties of plants Free essay! Download now

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The antimicrobial properties of plants

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The antimicrobial properties of plants essay previewThe antimicrobial properties of plants essay previewThe antimicrobial properties of plants essay preview


Core practical on garlic, mint and methylised spirit


The antimicrobial properties of plants
The aim of this experiment is to investigate the antibacterial properties of plants (garlic, mint, and methylated spirit)
Background: Plants are susceptible to infections by bacteria and fungi; they do everything to repel one another. Several plants are known to or even thought to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria. A plant with such properties is known as an antibacterial. Chemicals within them are toxic to bacteria and interfere with the metabolism in some way. In order to protect themselves they produce anti-bacterial and anti-fungi agents. Garlic is said to be used to treat infections with bacteria, yeast, fungi, and parasites, and can be used to treat high blood sugar levels. They also say it has properties that may help stomach and abdominal problems. The use of garlic has also been claimed to reduce risk of heart disease, lower serum cholesterol, and reduce blood pressure.
Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that garlic will be least affected by the bacteria as it will be able to protect itself whereas, the methylated spirit and the mint will be more vulnerable to it.
Dependant variable: the bacteria
In order to ensure the experiment is fair the same amount of each substance will be used. The same amount of time and temperature will be applied.The temperature must remain at 25 degrees when the Petri dishes are put into the incubator, as this is the optimum temperature and anything above it may create inaccurate results.
Size of paper disk-the bigger the paper disk the more anti-bacterial cells that it will contain, therefore there will be a larger clear area around the disk. This will need to inaccuracy, and I will not be able to determine whether the mint or the garlic has the most resistance to bacteria.
Amount of bacteria used- the bacterium needs to be spread evenly across the whole agar plate. If there is a denser area of bacteria this will affect the size of the clear area and will lead to ...

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