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Strength of Plants Free essay! Download now

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Strength of Plants

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Strength of Plants essay previewStrength of Plants essay previewStrength of Plants essay preview


Experiment regarding the strength of plant fibre



The objectives of this experiment is to extract the commercial use fibres from a plant stem and investigate their properties.To develop experimental skills,namely planning an experiment that will produce appropriate results to test a hypothesis or idea, using apparatus and a procedure that is suitable to produce valid result.

This lab report is all about the strength of plant fibre which the plant undergoes certain process.The plant used in this experiment is pumpkin stem.The scientific name of pumpkin plant is cucurbita maxima. The part of plant that we used for this experiment is the stem.the scientific name for the pumpkin stem is tendril (Creeper).The stem is used as main substance in these experiment.
Fibre is Carbon –fibre-reinforced polymer or carbon –fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP or CRP or often simply carbon fibre),is very strong and light fibre –reinforced polymer which contains carbon fibres.The polymer is most often epoxy,but other polymers ,such as polyester,vinyl ester or nylon,are sometimes used.The composite may contain other fibres such as Kevlar,aluminium ,or glass fibres,as well as carbon fibre.The strongest and the most expensive of these addictives,carbon nanotubes,are contained in some primarily polymer baseball,car parts and even golf culbs where economically viable.
Althought carbon fibre can be relatively expensive,it has many application in aerospace and automotive fields,such as Formula One.The compound is also used in a sailboats,and notably finds use in modern bicycles and motorcycle,where its strength-to-weight ratio and good rigidity is of importance.Improved manufacturing techniques are reducing the costs and time to manufacture,making it increasingly common in small consumer goodsas well,such as laptops,tripods,fishing rods,paintball equipment,archery equipment tent poles,racquet frames,stringed instruments bodies,drum shells,golf clubs,helmets used as paragliding accessory and pool/billiards/snooker cues.The material is also referred to as graphite-reinforced polymer or graphite fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP is less common, as it clashes with glass-(fiber)-reinforced polymer). In product advertisements, it is sometimes referred to simply as graphite fiber for short.
With the exception of synthetic polymers, most economically important products, such as paper, cordage (cords and rope) and textiles, are derived from plant fibers. Fibers are elongate cells with tapering ends and very thick, heavily lignified cell walls. Fiber cells are dead at maturity and function as support tissue in plant stems and roots. The lumen or cavity inside mature, dead fiber cells is very small when viewed in cross section. Fibers are one of the components of sclerenchyma tissue, along with shorter, thick-walled sclereids (stone cells) which produce the hard tissue of peach pits and the gritty texture in pears. Fibers are also associated with the xylem and phloem tissue of monocot and dicot stems and roots, but generally not in the wood ...

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