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Ecology practicals Free essay! Download now

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Ecology practicals

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Ecology practicals essay previewEcology practicals essay previewEcology practicals essay preview


How to plan a practical



(Parsnip plants)

i) Sampling technique:- Systemic sampling used to sow the seeds in a suitable range of distances apart.
ii) Safety issues :- To consider whether the parsnip seeds are poisonous, any harm from dangerous
animals, should wash hands after handling soil and equipments.
iii) Ethical issues: - Apparently nothing. (Max: 3 Mks)

Preliminary work,
Practice the method to see whether it will work.
Check for all other conditions ( than distance) to be suitable for growth and germination, the season harvesting, moisture etc:
Identify any other variables that should be considered.
Obtain the samples from same source and variety of parsnip seeds.
Select suitable timescale like the number of days for measuring the crop and the amount of germination.
Find out the time how long the parsnips take to mature and when they are and ready for harvesting.
Determine appropriate dependent variables.
e.g For growth the length of the main stem or the mass of parsnips collected in a definite period, and for germination, the time of the cotyledons coming out. ( Max: 4 Mks)

Detailed method and variables to be controlled. ( summary)

During the period of growth, moisture, nutrients, and light intensity are supplied equally to all the samples.e.g- by adding the same amount of liquid nutrient medium each day.
Same amount of light is supplied by means of a powerful light source.
The amount of crop/ mass of parsnips / is determined at a certain stage after the plants mature, at the same time in different samples.
In determining the crop all the plants in a sample are taken ( uprooted, washed and dried and measured the weight accurately,
The number of seeds germinated are observed, and counted in each sample, separately, and taken as a percentage.
( 10 mks:)

How the data is recorded.

Sample A/ d1 c.m apart
Sample B/ d2 c.m apart
Sample C
Sample D
The mean quantity of the crop/ or the weight, after a certain days of ...

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