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BIOLOGY REPORT MITOSIS Free essay! Download now

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The objectives of this experiment is to prepare some slides of actively dividing plant tissue.To observed the stages of the cell cycle in living tissue.Besides that, we want to consider the duration of the stages of mitosis in relation to the whole cell cycle.Lastly, the objectives of this experiment is to develop certain experimental skills,namely working safely,the use of microscopes,producing valid results and recording data.

This laboratory report is all about an experiment on mitosis which is the division of the nucleus of a cell to form two new daughter cell that are genetically identical to the parent cell. There are a few stages of mitotic division that are possible to be observed , interphase , prophase , metaphase , anaphase and telophase . During interphase , the cell will not be dividing and DNA replication occurs . Prophase is the first phase of mitotic divison where chromatins will be shorten and thicken , resulting in visible and condensed chromosomes. Nuclear envelope and and nucleolus will be disappear during late prophase . During metaphase , spindle fibre are attached to the centromeres and chromosomes will be aligned at the metaphase plate . During anaphase, the centromers split ans separated sister chromatids are pulled to the opposite poles . At the final phase , telophase, chromosomes will reach at the opposite poles and nuclear membrane starts to form around each pole. This will be continued by cytokinesis whis the divison of the cytoplasm into two cells . For this experiment , onion root tip was chosen because of rapid growth and easy availability . Therefore, this will result in an easy opportunity to observe many cell in various stages of mitosis in small sample. Mitosis in plant cells takes place in the meristems which are normally found at the tips of stems or roots which is absolutely different in animal cells where mitosis occur . The purpose of this experiment is to observe the stages of mitosis in root tip as well as estimating the real time spent in each phases of mitosis in onion root tip cell. It is predicted that most of the cells will be interphase and the shortest stage of mitosis is telophase. The longest stage is prophase .

The stages of mitosis in the onion root tip is easily observed under the microscope. When undergoing mitosis, most of the cell in the onion root tip will be in interphase.More cells will be in the stage of prophase than metaphase. More cells ...

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