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yelagiri hills Free essay! Download now

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yelagiri hills

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yelagiri hills essay previewyelagiri hills essay preview


the essay deals with yelagiri hills which is an important tourist site in south india


Tourism is now a days classified in to many types’ viz., Eco tourism, Adventure tourism, Academic tourism etc. The tourist place which I like the most is the Yelagiri hills because the different facets of tourism can be witnessed in this place.
Yelagiri hills – The tourism wonder
The hill lies in the Eastern Ghats. It has a cool climate, scenic beauty, serene surroundings and rich diversity of plants. Yelagiri is located in the district of Vellore.The district administration has now taken up the task of developing Yelagiri Hills into one of the important tourist destinations of south India by promoting the adventure sports such as paragliding and rock climbing.The path taking the roadway to Yelagiri is finely constructed and well punctuated with the milestones and signboards all way through. Each hairpin bends enroute to the hills is named after the seven philanthropists and seven poets of the sangam age of ancient Tamils.
On the way to the top of the hills we will find a lot of monkeys .Now Yelagiri contains a lot of highly developed cottages, hotels and residential schools. Yelagiri comprises 14 hamlets that are spread over a couple of hills.It is a wonderful place for tourists and people generally love going trekking in these hilly areas. There are other trekking options that include smaller peaks like Javadi Hills, Palamathi Hills.The hill also has wonderful temples worshipped by the indigenous people of the region.
Important tourist spots of the Yelagiri hills
Punganoor Artificial Lake-cum-Park: This Lake is one of the most popular destinations in Yelagiri. One can take a short walk along the lake side and also enjoy a boat ride. However, picnicking is not allowed within the premises of the park.
Jalagamparai Waterfalls: A short distance away, on the other side of the hill, is Jalagambarai falls. It’s an hour, 5 km, walk from Yelagiri downhill. Though there is a direct route from Yelagiri to the falls, it is often closed. One has to go all the way down the hill, take the plains, and then climb the hill on the other side.
Swami Malai Hills: The highest point in Yelagiri is the Swamimalai Hill. Swami Malai hills are the hills in the form of cake with a strong base at the bottom.
The Mosque in Yelagiri hills: The Mosque in Yelagiri Hills is constructed of granite stones with mortar, on three sides. At present it is not used for worship and the gates of the mosque are closed. It is ...

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