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what is performance art? Free essay! Download now

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what is performance art?

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what is performance art? essay previewwhat is performance art? essay previewwhat is performance art? essay preview


this discusses the characteristics between performance and art


Art Appreciation

Performance Art sprang from acting; artists have experimented on its nature and later developed it to create a new medium for art. The root word 'perform' suggests movement, physicality; characteristics that acting had. Performance art diverted itself from theatrical art in the sense that it does not need characters in actors, where the artist is the performer, using his body to express his artwork.

It was in the 1970's that Performance Art has been accepted as a new medium for artistic expression. It paraded the idea of concept over product.

It is an art that cannot be sold nor bought. Artists demonstrate or execute their ideas not on solid objects but by performance, and it became the most tangible form of art during the times.

Artists see Performance Art as an innovation. Before the 1970's, performance art was hardly acknowledged and it was as if leaving it out in the history of art. High Art has been branded as avant garde, so performance art broke through the industry claiming itself to be avant avant garde. It was, according to performance artists, a radical way of bringing life to concepts. In order to abolish categories in art, performance art was used as a weapon against the establish art, re introducing itself as an art outside the swirl of notional art.

To catapult artists into creating solid and coherent artworks, they use performance art to test the waters. They perform their ideas to be able to edit them into products.

Unlike in the theatrical art, the live events do not require masquerades, it prefers live gesture of real content - content which are usually follows an unorthodox plot. The nature has been provocative, instructive and often entertaining.

Performance art is a peaceful coexistence of art and academics. An effective Performance Art has social, cultural and political significance injected to it. Some of the most popular live events were artistic protests like John Jesurun's Deep Sleep in 1986. Deep Sleep shows a young boy being drawn into a film, and finding himself imprisoned with no way to get out. It was a tale that protests about the boundaries of media and real life and the disturbing oblivion of the people to this boundary.

One of the edges of performance art against the others is actuality; that its the nearest any audience can get to an art. Live events take the art directly to their audience and encourage involvement; it engages the audience into agreement and disagreement. Affirmation and conflict will then jumpstart the real essence of performance art which is discussion.

Performance art is impatient with the limitations of established art. It is fluid, has endless variables. It can focus ...

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