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Miranda Hutton’s The Room Project Free essay! Download now

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Miranda Hutton’s The Room Project

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Miranda Hutton’s The Room Project essay previewMiranda Hutton’s The Room Project essay previewMiranda Hutton’s The Room Project essay preview


it is a description about the photography of susan and trying to relate with hildred


Miranda Hutton’s The Room Project
“There seemed to be some significance in my photographing the room and getting them to talk about the memories that were stored up there.” This statement made by Miranda Hutton was about her intention of doing photography of rooms. To some, it somewhat made them dumbfounded for there are no significant reasons for them to capture a shot of a room. But for Miranda Hutton, it is a symbol of a memory that will not last. To quote her, “So I guess it was because I lost loved ones that I began to contemplate the significance that spaces and objects gain once people leave.” This is the very reason of her photography. To take a photo of the room is a subliminal attack for people to remember such memory. It also falls upon the Performance Art genre for it expresses an interest in using “found” and also “made” materials in which the photography of rooms of a deceased person became a “found” due to the reason that they have found a reason for that photo to be remembered and also it became a “made” for it was made and was meant to be a memory of a person.
Miranda Hutton also mentioned that “It wasn’t until I started photographing the room that things began to change, I think.” This particular statement somewhat emphasizes F.T. Marinetti (n.d) his testimonial about, dissatisfied with the current practices and trying to break through forms to create something different and new. Room photography is not a new form but the essence of having a photo of a room of a deceased is avant-garde for it breaks through the norm of photography and also it has a deeper meaning.
According to Miranda Hutton, “there’s a sort of universality in the way people hold onto things in early stages of grief and slowly let go of them.” Miranda Hutton somewhat had this purpose of letting the memory be physically available and let the people who were slowly moving on to accept that memory as a memory. The photo gave the people the chance to take the urge of grieving in a way that will help them to cope up with things.
Miranda Hutton emphasizes a point on her photo that the person “Died eight years ago (2004). She said that “I did spent a lot of time photographing it. I even thought of making films at some stage so I could show the progress; show how it would go from dark to light and from light to dark, so you could get a better sense of how unused it is.” It somewhat has this capability ...

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