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Egon Schiele bio Free essay! Download now

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Egon Schiele bio

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Egon Schiele bio essay previewEgon Schiele bio essay previewEgon Schiele bio essay preview


Egon Schiele bio


When I was first given the monumental task of selecting one of an almost infinite number of figure drawing artists throughout the last century, I felt as if I would fold under the pressure.† I did not expect to come across any figure drawing artist that I'd be able to relate with on many intensely personal levels.† I was demoralized and disdained about the entire ordeal, when something resembling fate offered me...
a contemporary figure drawing artist that I could relate to both mentally, and aesthetically.† I had recently drawn my own self portrait prior to receiving this assignment, and was fervently asking all my professors for their personal critique.† Upon showing it to my Art History professor, he was immediately taken aback, and asked me if I had ever seen any of Austrian figure drawing artist, Egon Schiele's work.† He was amazed to see the striking similarity between the treatment of my self portrait, and some of Egon Schiele's self portraits.† At first, I had no idea who Egon Schiele was, and couldn't imagine that I could have possibly come anywhere close to a professional and well established artist, in terms of treatment and line composition.† When I decided to look up this artist, I was completely astounded by the striking similarities in concept and composition that Egon Schiele and I, shared.† I was instantly sold on Egon Schiele. I was amazed by his story, and awestruck by his signature treatment of the human figure.

Egon Schiele was born in Tulin, Austria in 1890, as the son of Adolf Schiele, a diligent Austrian State Railway employee. Egon was sent to school in Klosterneuberg, on the outskirts of Vienna, in 1901.† Soon after, his fathersí health deteriorated rapidly, and later that year, he passed away.† Schiele, who was distraught with his fatherís death, had developed a deep spiritual connection with his father, even after his passing.† He wrote nobly about his father, and admired his legacy.† In stark contrast, Egon harbored deep disdain for his mother, mainly because he felt she had not mourned the passing of his father sufficiently.† Egon was also a side note in his motherís life.† She took no interest in his work, and he always regarded her as a selfish person who was unwilling to make sacrifices for anyone.
In 1906, Egon would finally get a chance to allow his artistic abilities to flourish, when he applied for a position at the School of Arts and Crafts, in Vienna, Austria.† Soon after, he was transferred to the Academy of Fine Arts, where he was accepted.† Schiele was 16 years old when he first attended art school.† Soon after, Schiele sought out his favorite artist, and main inspiration, ...

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