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Art Appreciation: Dance Free essay! Download now

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Art Appreciation: Dance

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Art Appreciation: Dance essay previewArt Appreciation: Dance essay previewArt Appreciation: Dance essay preview


This is a reaction paper to Veronique Doisneau


Veronique Doisneau
It was her final performance, her last dance, her last act.
Veronique Doisneau, a 42 year old ballerina, married with two children and has a career as a sujet in the corps of the Paris Opera Ballet (Phillips) performed and was filmed sharing her life as a dancer in between narrations and dances. It was public yet at the same time, very private. In her 37-minute piece, she summarized her entire career and subtly wondered if she did not have the enough talent to become a “star” (Phillips). And in what could be considered the climax of her piece, she performed the corps de ballet role from Swan Lake all by herself describing it as the most horrible thing for her as a dancer. Her performance can be collectively referred as a dance. In accordance to Sporre, he said that “dance is an aesthetic communication through the design of time, sound, and two-and-three dimensional space focusing on the human form”(__). This highlighted that dance relies to various elements such as time and space, music, and the human body which is said to be its most essential ingredient.(Sporre,__) Furthermore, Sporre added that when performed, a dance can be seen at two levels: a type of pictorial communication and a design of transition with movement between moments (__). These concepts are highly visible in ballet for ballet is considered to be the most formal and classic form of dance (Sporre,__). Ballet is highly theatrical dance presentation consisting of solo dancers, duets and choruses or corps de ballets. According to Anatole Chujoy in the Dance Encyclopedia, the basic principle in ballet is “the reduction of human gesture to bare essentials, heightened and developed into meaningful patterns” (Sporre, __). Hence, every action of the dancer’s body has some relationship in time to every other movement, and those relationships establish rhythmic patterns that are musical regardless of the presence or absence of auditory stimuli. Moreover, Sporre concluded that as with all dance and all the arts, ballet expresses basic human experiences and desires (__). Veronique’s dance acts have met all these characteristics, however, it went entirely beyond that.
Following Susan Sontag in Dancer and the Dance, she said that dance is the dancer (2); it was a dance because she was Veronique; it was her movements, patterns, choreography - it was her story. Moreover, she was not just performing a role, she was being a dancer in perfection of her every move. The moments of immobility when she holds a certain position for so long perfectly exhibited her sophisticated and perfected moves. Her dance was an expression of her attained perfection as a sujet however, she also wanted to rise above that rank as ...

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